Vaginal Cumshots

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Cum Dripping Pussy
Why not put that load of cum where it belongs, right inside her pussy! I've seen all the oral and facial cumshots I can stand and its truely a breath of fresh air finding all the great creampie movies cumming to the foreground for us that believe cum belongs inside a womans pussy.

Vaginal Cumshots
Doesn't matter how you spell it out, it means a pussy is getting filled with cum. I'm not sure who desided to add the technical refference of vaginal to the mix but I suppose it was more of a marketing term when it first hit the web. Now everyone understands that creampie means vaginal cumshots.

Pussy Cum
Well I can say there is such a thing as pussy cum but generally it means different things to different people. Some women can really squirt off some monster load of juice but for the most part this term just reffers to the white cum coating that slicks up a womans pussy when she gets really excited.

Vaginal Creampie
It doesn't matter which way you call it, a creampie is a cumshot but creampie specifically reffers to a pussy or ass getting loaded up with hot man juice. The term creampie came about years ago when there where few internal cumshots on the web but thankfully that has all changed and we now enjoy many.

Internal Cumshots
This is just another way to label the vaginal cumshot or in industry term the creampie. Although with this description you can't be certain that pussy is getting filled because the anal creampie is also included in this description. Some sites badly take advantage of this broad meaning and throw in some oral cumshots.

Creampie Cumshots
Oriental ladies are super hot and I love to watch a little slant eyed slut fuck and suck cock. Theres not much better than watching milky skinned asian or japanese chick take up a hard cock inside her black furry pussy and they aren't affraid to show off some spectacular vaginal cumshots either.

Gloryhole Cumshots
Nope thats not a typo, gloryhole is a real place. Typically they are found in adult bookstores and backalley theaters where guys and gals can privately enjoy a hot flic in a tiny booth. Some of these booths have holes cut between them which gives access to a wide variety of crazy sexual fun including vaginal cumshots with hot women.

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