3 advices that I would give you to have perfect sex

Sex is one of those activities that give perfect pleasure to your body. But you can have the perfect pleasure in sex only if you know how to do it effectively. Here, I am sharing 3 tips with you that can Perfect bodyhelp you get maximum pleasure in this method and if you can follow my advice, then I am sure you will be able to get maximum joy with your body.

Do exercise

If you don’t have a fit and perfect body, then you can’t have better sex as well. To have perfect pleasure in the intimate relationship, you should always consider this advice with high priority. With exercise, your body fluids remain active, your blood flow keeps increasing and you get more and more energy in your body. So, make sure you keep your body in motion to have perfect sex.

Eat wisely

Your food intake plays a direct role in the fat deposition in your body. If you have a lot of fat deposition then blood flow will reduce and it will affect your health as well. With bad health, you cannot do anything in a good way. This includes intimate relationship as well. So follow this health advice and avoid those foods that are not good for your health.

Avoid stress

It is always easier to take advice, than doing it, but if you want to have a perfect sex life, then you must need to stay away from stress. There are several suggestions and tips available there that you can do to stay away from stress without making a lot of changes in your lifestyle. You can try yoga or you can do something else that is a stress buster for you. Take whatever advice that suits you best and get rid of stress to have a perfect sex life with your partner.

Sex Tips: How To Last Longer In Bed


Premature ejaculation is a common problem for many couples. It can be very frustrating for both adults if they are not getting as much satisfaction as they would like as a result of premature ejaculation. There are however some natural ways in which you can last longer in bed.

Some men try thinking about other things other than sex, say sports or office work. This may work for some, but the problem is it can still affect your performance because you are not really focusing on pleasing your partner. Here’s what experts in the adult world suggest to help you last longer.

Make a Change: Sex-ologists suggest that if you feel like you are about to climax, you should change the position and speed. Changing the position will mean that you need to pull out, and that gives you some time to “rewind the clock”, so to speak. You can tease her a bit, take time to play with her body without thrusting back in right away. Take some time to rev up her engine even further, so that when you do re-engage she’s ready to orgasm as soon as you enter her.

Train yourself: There is a technique in the Kama Sutra that is designed to help you train yourself to last longer and delay ejaculation. This involves squeezing the base of the penis every time that you feel like you are about to finish. This will even decrease the hardness of the penis and help the man last longer. The experts say when you keep on practicing this, with time your body will learn to naturally control ejaculation and you will be able to control when you finish, and even time it with her orgasm.

Slow down: Most adults who fail to last long, are a bit too fast and going about the entire activity wrong. Instead of fast and hard pumps, slow down. Take time to enjoy foreplay and continue to use your hands and mouth to stimulate the woman’s body even when you are already inside, this will prolong the amount of time you spend in bed.

All in all, you need to practice different techniques until you become good at controlling your climax. As with everything in life, practice makes perfect and sex is no exception. The more you can practice, alone or with a partner, the longer you will be able to keep your ejaculation at bay.

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